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(Yahoo!) - Ex Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir collapsed onstage April 25, two songs into the second set by his band Furthur. The group, a Grateful Dead offshoot that also features bassist Phil Lesh, was playing the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, on the last night of a nine-concert residency.

The band started the song “Unbroken Chair,” then about a minute into the song (see above), the 65-year-old Weir noticeably tilted to his left for about 10 seconds and then toppled over directly in front of guitarist John Kadlecik, striking him in the right leg as he fell. Weir was helped up by the members of the band’s crew and guided offstage. He returned to the stage a minute later and finished the song sitting in a chair. After the song, the band left the stage together, then returned without Weir to finish the set. During the first set of the evening, Weir was having problems with his vocals and guitar and seemed to favor his left arm.

After Weir’s collapse, Lesh announced that the guitarist had suffered a “strained shoulder.” Weir’s manager Matt Busch would not comment about the guitarist’s condition and didn’t say if Furthur would play a scheduled April 26 gig at the Atlantic City Boardwalk.


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