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Nikki Sixx says Sixx: A.M. has come up with some "very unique" songs for their next album. 

The rocker writes in a new Facebook post that they still have "a little ways to go to finish off the whole album," and they're still "zeroing in" on the first single.  But Sixx believes the band has "topped" themselves with the upcoming project, and he's "so proud of this album from the ground up." 

Nikki adds that they have other tasks related to the disc ahead of them.  He explains that they've "agreed on the album title and the artwork direction," but still have things like photo sessions, videos, and release decisions ahead of them. 

Sixx also says "the excitement is growing," not only about the album but over the prospects of Sixx: A.M. playing live "at some point." 

The new Six: A.M. disc will be the group's third studio project, and their follow up to 2011's This Is Gonna Hurt.

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