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Ozzy Osbourne says he's doing well in his latest sobriety efforts, and is currently healthy and keeping fit.  But the Black Sabbath frontman tells the UK's Mirror he knows he's "living on borrowed time," and that things could change in an instant.  He says his quad-bike accident was his "wake-up call," when he realized he "wasn't Superman." 

Ozzy adds that he realized he didn't want to be alive if he weren't in the fully-able condition he currently enjoys.  The rocker says if something happens to him that leaves him incapacitated and hooked up to a mechanical device, he's told his wife Sharon to "just turn the machine off." 

Ozzy explains that it's an extension of an arrangement Sharon first revealed in her 2007 autobiography.  In her book Sharon said she and Ozzy had a "suicide pact," in which they've agreed to take the other to an assisted dying facility in Switzerland if either of them developed Alzheimer's - which her father battled. 

But Ozzy adds that he doesn't anticipate that day coming anytime soon.  He says it's been nearly 500 days since he's had alcohol, and he's been taking good care of himself.  The singer explains that in his commitment to his sobriety he's even listed the services of a sober companion, who accompanies him to special events to make sure he doesn't fall off the wagon. 

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