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(Yahoo!) - Rod Stewart is undoubtedly a true romantic. The 68-year-old British singer, who released his latest album, "Time," this week, revealed that a difficult split from his wife inspired him to cover Tom Waits' romantic ballad "Picture in a Frame" on his new record.

The "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" singer told Australia's Life Magazine that he and his wife of six years, Penny Lancaster, were apart for two weeks, and he kept a photo of the mother of two of his children near his bed during that time.

"Penny and I broke up for two weeks and the song is about that time," he said. "I asked her for a photo of herself in a frame so that I could see her when I went to bed and when I woke up."

Although the singer didn't reveal the reason for the split, he did dole out some relationship advice, which he's well positioned to do given he's been married three times and has eight children.

"You have to take the good with the bad, and women prefer you when you're truthful," Stewart said. "My relationship rule is, 'don't argue after a glass of wine — leave debating until the morning'."

Stewart, who has been romantically linked with several models and actresses, said that his previous marriages have helped him learn to be a good husband and settle down.


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