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It sounds like fans of Nine Inch Nails' classic second album The Downward Spiral will be happy with the band's latest studio effort. Trent Reznor tells The New York Times that he had the 1994 set in mind while he was writing Hesitation Marks,  which is due out September 3rd.

He says he was "very aware that it's 20 years later" and he's still "that guy." But Reznor explains that he wanted to explore how things would feel "on the other side" now that he's in a much more "stable life place."

As for the music, Reznor says Hesitation Marks feels sparse and minimal, but it's definitely not a "gentle record." Even though he doesn't use some of the same "pyrotechnics of sound" he's used in the past, he says this isn't his "middle-aged, I've-given-up record."

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