COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio State will host its first home football game of the season on Saturday when they host Virginia Tech.

Renovations at Ohio Stadium included adding 2,600 seats. There are also permanent lights for night games.

More fans can mean more problems, so OSU is continuing to use a texting system to allow fans to report unruly behavior. Fans can text BRUTUS along with their seat location and information about a situation to get an usher to respond. 

"We've created an opportunity for fans who may be reluctant to go to the usher, they can just text directly to the command post and we can respond to the request accordingly," said Ohio State University Senior Associate Athletics Director Mike Penner.

Social media began buzzing about a part of the policy that encourages fans to report other fans who stand up during the game.

"Fans can stand all they want. There's no policy that prevents fans from standing," said Penner.

Penner says fans just need to be smart about when the stand and when they sit so others around them can enjoy the game.